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Same painting featured in EarthlyBaubles' Treasury

NewsPosted by Emily King Sun, May 29, 2011 13:42:19
Mostly MOSS by EarthlyBaubles on Etsy

Curator, Suzanne Ali comments, "I was just making my reservations to visit my family for a few weeks in my hometown of Juneau, Alaska. Thinking of my vacation reminded me of the many walks I've taken through the mossy rainforest. So peaceful and calming . . ."

Her own shop (Earthly Baubles by EarthlyBaubles on Etsy) is full of beautiful and delicate jewellery (English sp) and I love the way she takes the trouble to photograph her wares in organic settings - earrings on blueberry bushes or necklaces on lichen covered rocks - so tactile it makes you want to buy everything.

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Posted by mum Mon, May 30, 2011 16:06:05

Yes - good idea to place jewelry amongst natural forms!